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SquareHook is a completely responsive platform. This means that whether your customers are viewing your site from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, they will see your site beautiful in every format, wherever they are.

Just choose your template style, customize your store, categorize and add products, and set up how you want to accept payments, and your eCommerce will be up and running!

Your site will always feature the most up to date security features, along with a dedicated support team ready to assist you in every step of your website creation.


Focus on the other facets of your business.  You will easily save time and money using the SquareHook eCommerce solution. 

SquareHook makes it a breeze to list and sell your products online, from adding products, fulfilling orders, all the way to tracking and shipping orders.  Easily edit your product pages while building out your store.

Build It Once, Clone It Everywhere

Does your business need multiple sites for franchises, distributors, or dealers? Or do you have a number of different chapters?  You want the sites the same, and yet different. We can help with that!


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